Sycamore Valley Farm

Pasture Raised Chicken, Duck, and Goose Eggs
Small batch Jams and Jellies made with heirloom and foraged Ozark Fruits.

Sycamore Valley Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Not available 2012. Please check back in December for 2013 information.


CSA Overview: A CSA is a way to connect consumers directly to the producers of their food and allow them to purchase fresh, local food throughout the farming season. The customer purchases a “subscription” or a “share” in the CSA for a growing season. In return, the customer receives a weekly delivery of produce or farm products.

The benefits to the customer: Getting fresh, locally produced food weekly. Knowing exactly where your food is coming from. Having a relationship with the grower of your food and the trust that comes from that relationship. Getting to try new vegetables and learn about how the food is grown.

The benefits to the farmer: Being able to better plan out the growing season by knowing how many people to grow for. Having cash flow at the beginning of the season. Getting to know the customers personally.

In a CSA there are many benefits to both customer and farmer, but there is also shared risk. If there is a crop failure of certain products, we all do without those products.

Sycamore Valley Farm CSA will be 22 weeks Mid May- Mid Oct.

$450 per subscription with two options for the CSA.

1. Like a traditional CSA, each week the customer will get a box of produce selected by us (your farmers). The amount per week will total about $20.50 worth of products. We will try to provide a good mix of products, which may or may not include eggs, each week for 22 weeks.

2. Subscription works like a prepaid account. Customer will have a choice among the products available each week and can select the amount and type of product they want each week. Each product will have a price attached to it and the total price each week will be subtracted from the amount in customers account. Once the account is empty, the customer can put more money towards their account, or just purchase at the market for the rest of the season.

Items will include produce as well as chicken and duck eggs. All items will be seasonal (no greenhouse grown items, for example, no tomatoes before late June).

All produce will be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, only organic approved pesticides will be used any ONLY when necessary. All eggs will be produced with poultry on pasture, receiving only supplemental Certified Organic grain.

CSA option #2 orders will be taken through an on line form on our website or by email. All items are subject to availability. The on line form will be updated weekly with available products.

Subscriptions can be purchased on line through paypal, by check through the mail or by check or cash in person. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 1044, Lincoln, AR 72744. Please make checks payable to Sycamore Valley Farm.

Pick up point will be determined closer to the beginning of the season. Pick up will be in Fayetteville, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.